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Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool provides opportunity for Christian nurture and growth. Children are a special blessing from God. By bringing your child to a Christian preschool, such as ours, you show that you realize that God calls us to bring up our children to know the Lord. 
    We are a state inspected preschool in a clean and peaceful environment, with loving Christian teachers. Our preschool was established in 1980 to offer a prekindergarten readiness program for its church
members and the community. The program is designed to help the child grow:
  • Spiritually - through a Christian atmoshpere, Bible stories, songs, and prayers
  • Intellectually - with a qualified, experienced, certified teacher in a cheerful, well-equipped room though reading and number readiness exercises, creative art work, fine motor skills, and field trips
  • Socially - through peer acceptance, cooperation, respect for authority, creative play, sharing and caring
  • Physically - through daily play periods, exercises, group games, and creative play designed to develop the child's large motor skills
Each day provides the child with:
  • a time to interact socially with his peers during a play time
  • an awareness of the day, month, weather
  • a time to listen to Bible stories and apply them to his life
  • sessions of reading readiness and number readiness activities
  • a time to develop big muscle and little muscle skills to aid in coordination
  • a time for stories and songs

Our preschool offers the following programs:

Kindergarten Prep         Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(4 Year Olds) 9:00 - 11:30 A.M.