2014 Sermon Archive (April 13 - June 1)

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The Seventh Sunday of Easter                                    June 1, A.D. 2014
John 17:1-26 "The Savior's Prayer for Our Salvation"

The Sixth Sunday of Easter                                            May 25, A.D. 2014
John 14:15-21 "I Will Not Leave You as Orphans"

The Fifth Sunday of Easter                                             May 18, A.D. 2014
John 14:1-14 "The Way Home"

The Fourth Sunday of Easter                                        May 11, A.D. 2014
John 10:1-10 "The Shepherd's Voice"

The Third Sunday of Easter                                        May 4, A.D. 2014
Luke 24:13-35 "The Ultimate 'Aha!' Experience"

The Second Sunday of Easter                                 April 27, A.D. 2014
John 20:19-31, Preacher: Rev. Timothy Landskroener

Easter, The Resurrection of Our Lord                April 20, A.D. 2014
Matthew 28:1-10 "The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy in Jesus, Our Risen Redeemer" 

Good Friday                                                                    April 18, A.D. 2014
Galatians 5, Matthew 27

Maundy Thursday                                                        April 17, A.D. 2014
Galatians 5, Matthew 26

Palm Sunday                                                                    April 13, A.D. 2014
John 12:12-19 "Don't Be Afraid. Your King is Coming"